The Furniture Maker

Tim Akast • Totnes, Devon • Est. 2008

Pear Cabinet

I really enjoy the contrast of working with such a simple material and using techniques perfected over centuries whilst incorporating elements of 3-D design on the computer.

It is a privilege to be able to operate with a foot in each camp. It is easy to be too partisan to either tradition or modernity, both have their merits and failings.

This cabinet is an exercise in traditional joinery.

It has 14 drawers of different sizes.

The carcass and drawers are all constructed using hand cut dovetails in beautiful steamed pear.

The handles were an additional feature turned by the exceptionally talented Tobias Kaye.

Detail notes:

Classic dovetail joinery.

A good way of making dovetails look handmade is to vary the array and to use delicate pins. Even the best manufactured joinery looks suspiciously uniform and bland.