The Furniture Maker

Tim Akast • Totnes, Devon • Est. 2008

Extending Dining Table

This table was a great challenge and tested my skills to the limit.  The client wanted the large extending top to be supported by a single pedastal, this was simple enough in the round but once extended the stresses and dynamics changed completely.  The hand turned pedestal is emmensely strong and I will freely admit to being terrified of such a huge lump when it was on the lathe.  

Laying the veneers in such a way as to have a pleasing pattern in the round and also when extended also posed significant problems.


The end result was a hugely satisfying pair of pieces which look just fine in their new home.

The broken down van in the storms on the motorway on delivery day was an additional bit of fun I could have lived without.

Huge thanks to the clients who were so understanding.

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